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Saturday March 16th PPW Wrestling is back at it for Throwdown on 5th Street featuring former WWE star Kaitlyn, current Impact Wrestling star Rich Swann and the returning 2nd Generation star Brian Pillman Jr. 

carr adams.jpg

PPW Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr has had his problems with former PPW Heavyweight Champion Mike Orlando in the past few months, but he must not let that distract him going into his title defense against another former PPW Heavyweight Champion, "Mr Good Luck" Samuel Adams. 

Samuel Adams has earned his way to being recognized as the number one contender for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. For Adams, a victory in this match could be the crowning achievement he's been looking for since losing the PPW Championship.

Vance Orlando EJ .jpg

We're fairly sure the person on the PPW roster is Cody Vance. Vance went down with an ACL tear earlier last week that forced him out of action for a considerable amount of time. Vance's injury affects more than just himself.  It also makes the odds Evander James and Mike Orlando go up.


Mike Orlando has had his problems with current PPW Heavyweight Champion "Hybrid" Sean Carr  over the past few months. A friendship has turned into a bitter rivalry with one another showing up quite frequently in each other's matches. With the winner facing the winner of the Carr and Adams match later on in the night, it's hard to tell if Carr will make his appearance to try and sway the decision, or if he will stay put in hopes that Orlando doesn't return the favor that causes him to lose the PPW Heavyweight Championship against the very deserving opponent, "Mr Good Luck" Samuel Adams.


Evander James doesn't care about any of that. James is a former PPW Heavyweight Champion himself and his main focus has and always will be on recapturing gold in PPW. A big win over a two-time Champion will help the already rising James, but the questions for him in this match have to deal with the current Champion as well. Will Carr help him? Will James take the help? These are two questions James would love to come true. In our opinion, it doesn't matter to Evander how he wins - trust that.


On Thursday morning PPW made an official announcement regarding Kaitlyn and the fact that she was not able to attend this weekend's events due to an ankle injury that will keep her out of action. In her place, PPW reached out to NXT competitor and Mae Young Classic participant Mercedes Martinez, who immediately accepted the invitation and told us in the same breath that she is looking forward to entertaining the fans in PPW and taking it all out on Christina Marie. That remains to be seen, however the PPW Women's Champion is up for the challenge.


For Christina Marie, the PPW Women's Championship is something he holds onto tightly, and she isn't letting it go without a fight. After chasing Allie Recks for the title, Marie came into her own in Hazleton and eventually captured the PPW Women's Championship from Miranda Vionette. Now, she'll do everything she can to hold on to it against Mercedes Martinez.

mante f2v.jpg

Since Fox Vinyer arrived on the scene at the PPW and Impact Wrestling to join the Punk Rock All Stars he has been turning heads. Vinyer has been impressing fans in Hazleton with his colorful entrance and his solid in-ring abilities. Vinyer has been around the independent block and he comes to Hazleton in hopes of finding some success in central Pennsylvania as well. Stepping out for the first time in PPW away from the Punk Rock All Stars, Vinyer is someone who is looking for his first singles victory.

If you're talking about colorful and skilled in-ring, the same could be said for Vinyer's opponent, Mantequilla. Mantequilla translates to "butter" and the description sure goes with the athlete. Mantequilla has been smooth, tactical and out right exciting since coming to PPW. He now looks for a very big win over Foxx Vinyer.

Triple Threat Tag.jpg

South Philly's Finest are the angriest tag team in PPW - and for good reason. Consistently cheated out of things they've earned, South Philly comes into this match on the heels of one of the biggest screw jobs in PPW history - the TJ Masters turn that left Jimmy Konway's shoulders down for the quickest pinfall in company history. This month South Philly gets a great opportunity for a re-match with the Arrogance of Excellence. Konway and Brazzi cannot be in a good place right now mentally, and with Shaun Cannon and Drake Carter - two other men they've had similar issues with standing on the other side of the ring, the Punk Rock All Stars might feel the wrath of South Philly's anger.


It's the last thing that the Punk Rock All Stars need. Cannon and Carter did a great job of securing themselves as a prominant team throughout 2018 by holding on to the divisions top prize for the majority of the year. Even still, Cannon, Carter and the lovely Delilah need to regroup and plan their rise to the top of the division again. This month it might be surviving the aggression that is coming their way, as well as avoiding another team that is rising up the ranks. This match would put them in direct contention and allow them to skip a lot of steps up.


After a slow start to their PPW career, the Mane Event have quickly risen up the ranks in Hazleton and have been added to this month's match with two of the big guns of the PPW Tag Team Division. The Mane Event are a team that has improved and really learned from their earlier mishaps in Hazleton. Midas Black and Jay Lyon have a chance to secure a win, and a PPW Tag Team Championship match at PPW Supershow 2. 

5 man challenge.jpg

Charles Mason outlast (and outsmarted) the rest of the PPW roster when he rolled under the ring, waited for Laszlo to throw everyone out of it, and then enter and drop Laszlo to the floor in a sneak attack that would ultimately declare him the winner of the match, and the new PPW No Limits Championship. Charles Mason has told PPW cameras in the past that he is on a mission to prove and show what he already knows - that he's the best in PPW. A No Limits Championship is a good start, and how long he holds it will be another thing to put on his resume. As it usually is with the No Limits division, the Champion usually comes in with less than favorable odds of keeping it, this is the case this month with Mason.


Current PPW Television Champion John Wes will no doubt have Ryan Race in his corner. This is an added bonus for Wes' chances since Race seems to find a way to weasel his way to victories for his client without the noblest of ways. Race has already petitioned behind scenes for Wes to not have to defend his title and Wes has come close to losing it due to inactivity. Wes has said his focus this month is on capturing a title that he "has earned a shot for." Race was as unapologetic.


Laszlo Arpad, Adam Chandler and Trajan Horn are all new to PPW but come in with a big opportunity at picking up their first championships in such an early point of their PPW careers. 

Recks King vs Sawyer Header.jpg

Jason King and Allie Recks may seem like an unlikely team, but when you think of the history between both of them and Undeniable leader Ryan Race it makes perfect sense. Recks and King are both after the same thing - damage to Ryan Race's face. Technically, King told us he'll take any suffering from Race as long as he inflicts it. Recks is looking to help Jason King get his hands on Ryan Race for the first time, and she may even get a spear out of it.


Team Undeniable will obviously try and stop all of that from happening. "The Problem Solver" Pat Sawyer and Andy Header  are the tag team representation of Race's group and after Pat Sawyer was locked in his own locker room and not allowed to come out with Undeniable, it was Race who nearly caught a beating from King. One thing is for certain, King and Recks don't care about the match - he cares about getting his hands on Ryan Race.

kc swann.jpg

KC Navarro is considered by many to be one of the next rising stars in independent wrestling. Rich Swann remmebers those days. He remembers the pressure that may be unfairly placed on a young riser. He's also no stranger to the Desean Pratt and KC Navarro problems that started to boil over last month. Coupling this stress with the pressures of being successful young, Navarro is looking to avoid the mental distraction and try to pick up one of the biggest wins of his young career. Hazleton, we have a potential show stealer on our hands.

holliday bpj.jpg

Brian Pillman Jr and Richard Holliday are no stranger to one another. Sharing a locker room in Orlando at Major League Wrestling. In fact, last weekend in Chicago Pillman and his partner Teddy Hart defeated Holliday and Maxwell Jacob Friedman in a contest for the MLW Tag Team Championships. Holliday hasn't forgotten that match or the end result and he is hellbent on making sure that same result doesn't happen in a company he has made great strides in - PPW.


For Pillman, his career (like Hollidays) is in an upward trajectory and a win at PPW Throwdown will be a win over a very impressive Holliday. Pillman is looking to rectify his career in Hazleton with last month not going his way, losing to Sean Carr in a match for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. Pillman says he is a better athlete then his record would suggest, he looks to back that up this weekend.

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