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PPW Commentary


From Left: Freddy Ackers, Phil Bravado, Paul Bo, E. Julius Keiper

  • Phil Bravado
  • Paul Bo
  • E. Julius Keiper

PPW is honored to have four fantastic commentators alternate through calling the matches for PPW High Voltage and for PPW's YouTube channel.

Freddie Ackers (furthest to left) has made his mark early in company's history as a commentator and has gradually transitioned into calling only YouTube matches in addition to being an occasional referee for PPW. 

Phil Bravado (second to left) is PPW's color commentator, telling the story of the match. He is the newest commentator to the team, but has been involved in wrestling for nearly a decade, giving him a wealth of knowledge to pull from.

Paul Bo (second to right) is next to him. Bo is known as "The Voice of PPW" and doubles as the ring announcer. An excellent play by play commentator, Bo is known for his witty jokes and ability to call even the fastest of action move for move.

E. Julius Keiper (furthest right) is the most versatile commentator, able to serve as either a play by play announcer or as a color commentator. He has a long history with PPW and has a wrestling family to fall back on for his knowledge.

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