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the poconos, pA | the perfect amount of weight

  • Jason King

Appearing from the crowd with two henchman to disrupt Ryan Race and Undeniable's plans, “The Devil’s Favorite Reject” Jason King is in PPW with a clear mission: destroy Undeniable and former PPW Commissioner Ryan Race. He has done a good job of it so far, becoming the PPW Television Champion and defeating Undeniable's John Wes to do so.


King has had a lot of history with Ryan Race in other promotions and would love nothing more to get his hands on him with every opportunity he gets. The history spans over several companies in central-Pennsylvania.


With manager Penny Lane in his corner, King is looking to take PPW by storm, with his eyes set firmly on Race and Undeniable and his cold heart feeling warmth for only Penny Lane. Don't get in the way of Jason King if you still want to be standing. 


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