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Adams Looks To Break the Masterlock

By Scott Fineout

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling's resident rich-kid Drew Adams may have finally wrote himself a cheque that he can't cash. PPW is heading into Adams' hometown of Honesdale, Pennsylvania this weekend for it's debut show, PPW Fight Night.

Adams is excited to wrestle in front of his hometown crowd in Honesdale but it's not for the reasons one might think. Adams' has said that he wants to show everyone in Honesdale just how much better he is than them, and just how far he has come in this business despite being in his first full year of competition.

But in trying to setup a scenerio where he would be able to showcase that, Adams might have put himself into a position that he can't get out of – literally.

Chris Masters is PPW's special guest this weekend and though Drew Adams gives up a lot of weight and experience to Masters, Adams figured getting out of the Masterlock would be the perfect scenerio for him to show the people in Honesdale that he is above them. The only problem with that scenerio of course is if he can't do it.

Chris Masters has had several people attempt to get out of the Masterlock but after two years of attempts Bobby Lashley finally broke it. Lashley standing next to Drew Adams wouldn't be a contest, so it got us to thinking – what does Drew Adams have up his sleeve?

The wealthy Adams has the financial resources to make a lot of things happen, and he hasn't proven to be the most trustworthy of people in the PPW locker room. We will find out this weekend at PPW Fight Night.

To purchase tickets to PPW Fight Night featuring Chris Masters this weekend, head to the PPW Shop at


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