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After Tough Start, Mane Event Retains Against PRAS

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

Pre-Match Thoughts

Tom Mitchell caught up with the Punk Rock All Stars before their match for the PPW Tag Team Championships against The Mane Event. When asked about why they helped The Mane Event win, Shaun Cannon pointed out that they were doing a favor. Drake Carter chimed in by saying that “Now you might be wondering why did we do this favor, it’s because we know we can beat you, we’ve done it many times, now we get the titles back, simple.”

The Mane Event and Midas Black said before the match that “They may have helped us get these titles, but that doesn’t mean that we are their friends, because anyone and anybody has a chance at these titles.”

Phil Bravado pointed out on commentary that the Punk Rock All Stars “Last year EJ, holding the PPW Tag Team Championships for the majority of the year, tonight they try to get it back from Midas Black and Jay Lyon.”

PRAS Dominates Early On

The Punk Rock All Stars found the advantage early, as they grabbed the titles and tossed them in the air before beating down Black and Lyon before the match officially started.

Drake Carter started out against Jay Lyon and Carter hit a big boot to the midsection of Lyon to get the match underway. Carter dominated Lyon before Cannon tagged in and continued the beatdown on Lyon in the corner. Cannon went for a quick pin of Lyon, but Midas Black ran in to help break up the pin. Carter tagged back in and hit a springboard for a two-count.

Carter used a snotty tissue to rub in Lyon’s face, as Cannon then tagged in to continue to not allow Lyon to gain any momentum. Lyon then knocked down Cannon and Carter with a few big shots but couldn’t get to Black in the corner.

Cannon eventually made his way into the ring to knock Black off the apron. The Punk Rock All Stars looked very strong as a team to this point. A double-team suplex caused Black to have to come in to help break up the pin once again.

Mane Event Takes Over

Jay Lyon hit a spinning heel kick on Carter, which allowed for him to finally get to Midas Black to make the tag. Black immediately springboarded onto Carter to introduce himself into the match before going to the top-rope and hitting a moonsault onto Cannon.

Lyon then came in to hit both members of The Punk Rock All Stars with a tope suicida through the hula hoop on the outside. A double-team enzuigiri onto Carter forced Cannon to break up a pin as The Mane Event really found their footing in the match.

Lyon and Black Retain

After PRAS tried to get back into the match by knocking Black out, Lyon was able to hit a double back elbow to take both men down. After Cannon made his way back to his feet, he tried to hit Lyon with a big powerslam in the corner, but Black helped him fight out.

This allowed The Mane Event to hit a frankensteiner on Cannon with Black assisting Lyon. Drake Carter then made his way into the match where Lyon and Black teamed up again to hit a huge move, driving Carter’s face into the mat. They picked up the 1,2,3 and retained their PPW Tag Team Championships.

The Mane Event have not only been fighting champions to this point, but they have been beloved champions as well by the PPW faithful. We will continue to see what 2020 has in store for everyone’s favorite hula hoop duo.


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