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BREAKING: Joey Martinez Suspended for Reloaded

From the Desk of JD…..


PPW  is under awful ownership.  

It’s bad enough they hault me in my endeavors, however the fact that they have suspended Joey Martinez is egregious.  

The fact that some no name that was a former broadcaster Tom Mitchell is now allowed to wrestle is blasphemy. Joey was not prepared for his opponent and Team Ruda wasn’t either. I always look out for my guys, but Ruda was completely unaware of the challenge he faced.  

So as a result, Martinez has been suspended because he accidently hit Mitchell with a chair (absolutely out of frustrations I’m sure). As a result of the chair shots and “allegedly” stomping on the ankle on the stupid interviewer, Martinez will not be allowed in the building at “Reloaded” this Saturday night or else he and Vinny Mac will be stripped of the PPW Tag Team Championships.

PPW management have to fix this and I believe Ruda and his other client (Vinny Mac) have to clear this up on Saturday Aug. 13 at PPW “Reloaded”….


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