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BREAKING: Major Attitude Era Star Announced for Super Show II

By: Mitchell Frantz

The black tights. The security guard surrounding him. The bald head. The historic championship reign. The arm tattoo.

That’s right, you guessed it. Former attitude era star GILLBERG will be in action at PPW Super Show II!

Gillberg, a parody of WCW icon Goldberg, was a former Light Heavyweight Champion in WWF, having the longest championship reign with the gold in WWF history at 15 months. During this time, Gillberg was a member of Al Snow’s J.O.B. squad. The other members of the group were Bob Holly, Scorpio and the Blue Meanie.

Gillberg’s catchphrase was “Who’s first?” which was a play off of Goldberg’s catchphrase “Who’s next?”

Gillberg was last seen in a WWE ring in 2017, when he came out pretending to be Goldberg and was attacked by Kevin Owens.

To see Gillberg and many others in action, head on over to today in order to purchase tickets! Do not miss one of the icons of the Attitude Era in action!


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