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Cage Looks to Build Momentum Against Pacifico

By: Kevin Carroll

The road to PPW Last Call is heating up, and we could officially announce that two of Hazleton’s best and brightest superstars will square off when Sebastian Cage takes on Vinny Pacifico on March 21st.

Cage left PPW Nation in a state of absolute shock when he turned on his friend KC Navarro back at PPW Resistance in December, savagely hitting him with a steel chair and costing him his PPW Heavyweight Championship match against Clutch Adams. Cage took it one step further at PPW Countdown by defeating Navarro in singles action.

Now, with momentum on his side, Cage will look to continue his winning ways as he dukes it out with the recently-returned Vinny Pacifico.

Pacifico made his way back into a PPW ring for the first time in over a year at PPW Countdown, taking part in one of the four-way PPW Television Title Qualifier Tournament matches. Although he wouldn’t walk away victorious, Pacifico wowed the crowd and reminded everyone why he’s one of the best young stars in the business.

Will Pacifico pick up his first win back in a PPW ring? Or will Sebastian Cage keep up a red-hot 2020 and push himself further up the PPW ladder?

For tickets to PPW "Last Call" on March 21st in Hazleton, Pennsylvania featuring Matt Sydal (WWE's Evan Bourne), head to the PPW Shop at


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