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Evander Wins, Pratt Lurks

By: Nick Uliana

PPW Nation packed the stands of the St. Joseph's Gym at the PPW home arena at Holy Family Academy and they got all the great professional wrestling competition they could say grace over. One match at Aftermath in particular pitted three of the best competitors in PPW, as well as a wrestling legend in a battle for the PPW Heayweight Championship.

Evander James would put his title on against Desean Pratt, Samuel Adams, and 2 Cold Scropio. The match would certainly not disappoint as the four competitors fought tirelessly. In fact, one would have thought it was 1993 watching 2 Cold Scorpio fly around the ring.

The competitive match would end with a masterfully executed 450 splash from "The Man you can Trust," followed by a cover and the three count. This would be followed by a good natured sign of sportsmanship in the form of a hand raise and hand shake between 2 Cold Scropio and the retaining champion.

This would not last long as Pratt, the holder of the coveted “Golden Ticket”, which grants him a match for the PPW Heavyweight Championship, made his presence felt. He would use the briefcase, but not for a match opportunity, but instead as a weapon, bludgeoning the lower back of Evander James. After Pratt surveyed the damage he had done, he pondered if he should cash it in, but ultimately decided against it.

This certainly sets the backdrop for future confrontation, as we move forward to PPW Destiny, questions arise as to when Desean Pratt will cash in the Golden Ticket? What will be the response of Evander James? Find out June 22nd.

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