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First Announcement as Commissioner from Joe Davis

From the desk of JD:


I understand the frustrations of the PPW universe, talent and fans alike.

As of Dec. 10th of 2022, I became commissioner of PPW.  TJ Masters decided to issue me a challenge and I accepted with my own very special stipulations.  If my “team” won the match, I would take over control of the company; if his team won the match, I would leave PPW.  

Unfortunately, Mr. Masters didn’t make it happen… He had Johnny Moran on his team, which apparently was a bad decision, as he saw the opportunity before him and made the right choice. For Johnny's calculated tactics, I have decided to give him a paid month off for our next show on January 14th, 2023, "All Night Long."


Furthermore, since I now control PPW, I’ve seen a lot of talk about people being fired or “let go” now that I’m in power. I can rest assure that I will not make any employment decisions until I am able to properly evaluate each wrestler, manager, referee, commentator or production staff member.  


Also, I would like to formally announce that Mr. Ruda will be my second in command.  He will be my “Vice President” so to speak.  With his sharp mind and great negotiating tactics, we both will ensure the success of PPW.

This may be a new beginning, but rest assured, PPW will prosper more than ever before with #TeamJD and myself at the helm….


Thank you.



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Unknown member
Dec 20, 2022

That’s great, will the Mane Event be at your next show?

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