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For James, it’s about Proving Critics Wrong

By: Mitchell Frantz

Evander James has always been at or near the top of the PPW Heavyweight Division.

Whenever “The Man you can Trust” is on the card, there is a very good chance that his bout would be the match of the night. He constantly delivers, yet for the longest time, he delivered with all the wrong intentions.

James claimed to be a trustworthy man, but always tried to stir the pot to make things in his favor. He would badmouth his competitors, spewing out false claims about his opposition in the process. He wanted everyone to trust him, but only ever gave fans a reason to hate him.

That is until one day, James learned from his mistakes and actually owned up to them. He admitted that he could have went about things in a different way and that he maybe should have approached situations different. The realization and genuine apology that came after was enough to win over the PPW Nation and propel “The Man you can Trust” into championship contention. Eventually, the Gotham City, New York native would use his newfound fan support to become the PPW Heavyweight Champion, and has thanked the fans in Hazleton every step of the way.

This previous week on High Voltage, Evander James had his biggest test to date, taking on two guys who have made plenty of noise in WWE’s Cruiserweight Division: TJP and Sean Maluta. Their contest was a fantastic one, and the champion was able to get in plenty of offense even on a hurt leg. In the end, an opportune roll up of Sean Maluta led to the three count for “The Man you can Trust,” allowing Evander to score the biggest victory of his life.

Looking ahead, James does not get a chance to rest, as he already has another massive championship defense against Facade coming up on July 20th. Tickets to the event, which also will feature Kelly Kelly, Dean Malenko, PPW Women’s Champion Mercedes Martinez and your favorite PPW stars, can be found at Get your tickets now!


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