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HV Recap: New Side of "The Billionaire Playboy?"

Main Event Time

The main event of the evening for this week’s episode of PPW High Voltage was “The Billionaire Playboy” Charles Mason taking on former PPW Heavyweight Champion Evander James. James went for a handshake to start the match, but Mason didn’t go for it.

Slow To Start

The two men began the match with a few headlocks before James went for a quick rollup that was immediately followed by a Mason rollup. The two men continued to go move for move, as they both went for a dropkick, with neither hitting the mark.

James forced Mason out of the ring with a dropkick before going for a dive to the outside, but “The Billionaire Playboy” was too quick and found his way back into the ring before it could happen. It didn’t matter for James as he hit a springboard back elbow from the top rope to earn a two count. Mason then tried to offer up the handshake that he denied earlier in the match before eating a chop from James.

Mason Takes Over

Mason took over after pulling James off the top rope before eventually hitting a tilt a whirl backbreaker. This prompted E. Julius Keiper to point out on commentary that “Mason has James flustered here; this is all Charles Mason.”

Mason continued to hold the momentum with a headlock before James fought back, but “The Billionaire Playboy” beat the comeback with a dropkick. Although Mason has been dominant throughout the match, he can’t quite pick up the three count.

“The Man You Can Trust” Fights Back

A back elbow from James helped him get out of a full nelson before picking up some steam with a pair of clotheslines and a spinning heel kick. He thought he had Mason with a blockbuster off a springboard, but Mason found a way out.

James continued to build momentum with a tope suicida on the outside before going for a 450 splash from the top rope. However, Mason got his knees up to block it before hitting Evander with a side suplex for a close two count.

James Picks Up Unlikely Victory

The match ended soon after, when the two men were jockeying for position and neither one was able to get it. James reversed a Mason move and rolled backwards onto “The Billionaire Playboy” to pick up the surprise 1,2,3 and the victory.

Paul Bo quickly stated that “Mason saying he thinks he pulled his tights.” Evander James then went for the handshake from Mason that he so desperately wanted, but Mason slapped his hand away before rolling out of the ring.

Just as soon as we thought High Voltage was going off the air, Bo Nekoda attacked a celebrating James from behind and began a beat down of “The Man You Can Trust.” His partner Bull Hightower joined in with a clothesline before the beat down ensued.

What’s Gotten Into Charles Mason?

Then in a shocking event, “The Billionaire Playboy” Charles Mason came back into the ring to help James fend off the Titan Outlaws and knock them out of the ring. Then after so long, Mason finally shook Evander James hand as Paul Bo asked, “perhaps a new Charles Mason?”

Was this all a setup for Charles Mason down the road or did we indeed see “The Billionaire Playboy” show a good side to PPW nation? Only time will tell.


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