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Layna Lennox Debuting at Countdown

By: Mitchell Frantz Straight out of the 1980’s, Layna Lennox is set to make her PPW debut next Saturday on February 15th at PPW Countdown!

Lennox is quite literally straight out of the 80's. Everything from her makeup to her wrestling attire to wrestling style screams of that decade. She enjoys wild nights and neon lights, and searches out the best of vibes. Don't let her energetic personality fool you; she is a proficient grappler and is known to make opponents tap with her butterfly suplex into a butterfly lock combo. Will the Mid-Atlantic territory competitor be victorious in her debut? Join us to find out on February 15th when PPW presents Countdown! Set to appear are The Headbangers, "The Neon Ninja" Facade, PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams, "The Prince of Camden" Desean Pratt, "Truly Blessed" KC Navarro, "The Litt Superstar" Sebastian Cage, "All Energy" Breaux Keller, PPW Women's Champion Christina Marie, PPW Television Champion Johnny Moran, Evander James, Charles Mason, The Sambo Show, PPW Tag Team Champions The Mane Event, SPF and more! Tickets are available now at!


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