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Mantequilla picks up needed win

By Scott Fineout

The mood was much more serious than other months in Hazleton. Before Mantequilla walked out of the curtain, he made sure to take a moment to reflect on what he had been preparing for. Sure, he would go out there and wave to the people, tell everyone hello and look the part – but the man under the mask was feeling entirely different on this night. Mantequilla knew that he needed a solid showing and a victory at PPW Aftermath. The last few months had been a bit off for Mantequilla and to get back on his journey to some potential gold in Hazleton, he needed to impress the people in the back as much as he entertained those around the ring.

His opponent was the debuting Whisper. For a man known as the “Innovator of Silence” he sure made a lot of noise in his debut. Whisper and Mantequilla had a see-saw matchup that never really determined a clear dominant competitor until the end. Whisper would use some tactics like pulling PPW official Jim Holbert in front of him to defend himself against the growing momentum of Mantequilla. The match was thrilling from the start to the end.

In the end Mantequilla would see victory after a super hero discus forearm, and would quickly end the match three seconds later after covering the Whisper.

Although the debut for the Whisper didn't go as planned, the man did impress both fans and the locker room alike. Taking Mantequilla to the limit in his first night in Hazleton was a good way to open up some eyes. Although a victory was more what he was looking for, the Whisper can rest assured he made some noise in Hazleton.

For Mantequilla, the victory means much more than just a check in the win column. Mantequilla was looking for much more than a win. A chance to prove his value to the PPW office and to the fans in Hazleton. It seems that the man who's nicknamed himself butter, may now be on his way to living up to his namesake.


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