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Mason Looks to Recapture Gold Against F2V

By: Mitchell Frantz

Charles Mason was riding high as the PPW No Limits Champion, but the success got to his head.

"The Billionaire Playboy" was way too caught up in women and vacations, and thought that he could just walk into PPW Destiny and make a quick and easy payday against Foxx Vinyer and Victor Andrews.

F2V had other plans.

"The Kaleidoscope of Chaos" stunned Mason by pinning Victor Andrews and becoming the new PPW No Limits Champion without Mason ever having to be in the decision. The loudmouthed Vinyer etched his name into the history books and has no plans of relinquishing his newly acquired gold any time soon.

Charles Mason has other plans. The man who lives in places that the PPW Nation could never afford to visit is coming into this month focused for perhaps the first time since he lost the gold. A locked in Mason spells trouble for F2V, who even called out Mason in a video requesting that their match be a lumberjack match.

With multiple competitors around the ring that either have alliances to "Firework" or Mason, things could turn ugly quickly. Both men and their peers understand how valuable being the No Limits Champion is, and desperately want to have that gold around their waist for as long as they are in Hazleton.

Unfortunately for one of them, only one man can hold the championship, leading to one going home Saturday night bitter and empty handed.

Which grappler will emerge as the No Limits Champion? What role will the lumberjacks play in the result? Who will be the lumberjacks that are surrounding the ring?

Find out all these answers and plenty more at PPW Destiny! Tickets are available online at! Get yours today!


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