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Mason Retains No Limits Championship

By: Nick Uliana

On March 16th, 4 competitors stepped into the PPW ring looking to further their respective careers as they battled for the PPW No Limits Championship. John Wes, Laszlo Arpad, and Trajan Horn all waited in the ring as Charles Mason, current PPW No Limits Champion, strutted to the ring, as the smoke on his cigar and sound of Freddie Mercury singing “We are the Champions” filled the air in the Holy Family Academy.

The match began with a hot start as Charles Mason arrogantly threw his cigar at the chest of Laszlo Arpad and then was spilled to the ringside floor by "The Hungarian Hero". John Wes and Trajan Horn then began throwing haymakers in the center of the ring. After a couple of powerful offensive maneuvers by John Wes, he would try and score an early pin, but to no avail.

Horn would join the melee at ringside and assist Arpad by holding back the arms of the champion, Mason, allowing the Hungarian Hero to land Budapest sized punches to the midsection of Charles Mason.

Halfway through the contest, Jason King would make his way to the ringside area and start dispensing his wrath on the John Wes, as Wes laid on the ringside floor. King and the "Iron Outlaw" would take their issues to the dressing room area, effectively making the match a triple threat.

Horn and Mason would bring the action back into the ring and put on a clinic of technical wrestling. After the exchange, Mason would attempt to make a truce of sorts with Horn in the form of handshake. However, this would be a ruse and Mason would deliver a hard elbow to the face of Horn, as well as a hard kick to the shin. This would send Horn to the ringside floor.

This would provide an opening for the Hungarian Hero Laszlo Arpad to gain an advantage on the champion Mason. Arpad would continue his offensive devlivering a series of chops to Mason. Mason would respond by backing Arpad into the opposite turnbuckle and employing some chops of his own. The chops would prove ineffective, as the two men would return to the center of the ring and trade a series of devastating strikes to one another. Mason would once again be sent to the floor at ring side, and Arpad would despoit Trajan Horn on to the ring canvas with a powerful slam.

The match would conclude with a series of aggressive offensive maneuvers that would include various forms of strikes and slams. After, a series of unsuccessful pinning combinations by all three competitors, Mason would land a three count and retain the PPW No Limits Championship.

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