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Pillman, Holliday Both Look for Rebound Victories Against Each Other

By: Mitchell Frantz

Both Brian Pillman Jr. and Richard Holliday are coming off of disappointing losses at PPW Juiced.

For Pillman, he thought that he had Sean Carr right where he wanted him until Sean Carr’s body guard, Lamar Haskins, grabbed the boot of the star, distracting BPJ long enough for the champion to take advantage and retain.

For Richard Holliday, he looked to come back to Hazleton and take out one of the biggest dogs in the yard, Mike Orlando. Unfortunately for the Most Marketable Man in Wrestling, Orlando proved to everyone why he is among the top wrestlers in all of Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling with a major victory over Holliday.

Now, with both men desperately seeking victory, they are pitted against each other in a match where only one man can be victorious. For Pillman, he wants to show the PPW Nation that he is more than just a big name, and that he can hang with the best that PPW has to offer. For Holliday, the match is about proving to his Major League Wrestling coworker as well as to PPW management that last month was nothing but a fluke win for Orlando.

The contest should be an interesting mesh of Pillman’s speed and technical prowess to Holliday’s power and size. While Pillman may be the major name and one of the brightest stars on the independent circuit today, discrediting Holliday’s abilities would be a terrible mistake.

Holliday, who looks to give the “consumers” what they want with every match, has major championship aspirations in PPW. With a win over an established name like Brian Pillman Jr., he can certainly put himself in the driver’s seat for a number one contender’s opportunity in the near future.

Only one man can walk out of the Holy Family Academy on March 16th with the victory, but only time will tell who that man will be. Will it be the power and marketability of Holliday? Or will it be the high flying Pillman who comes out with the major victory over one of PPW’s very best?

Find out on March 16th as PPW presents Throwdown on 5th Street on March 16th at 7 pm at the Holy Family Academy. Tickets are on sale now at and will be available at the door on the day of the show.


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