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PPW Debuts in Honesdale, PA

By Scott Fineout

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling made it's debut in Honesdale, Pennsylvania last night at the Wayne Highlands Middle School. This marked the second time this year that PPW had ventured outside the friendly confines of Holy Family Academy. Drew Adams decided that since we were in his hometown of Honesdale he would try to create a moment for himself by challenging PPW special guest Chris Masters to a “Masterlock Challenge.” The challenge required Adams to get out of Chris Master's infamous hold “The Masterlock”, something that took a group of WWE stars (and two years) to do until Bobby Lashley finally broke it. Drew Adams isn't built like Bobby Lashley. In fact, Adams probably gives up the most weight of anyone on the PPW roster but coming into the challenge he was convinced that he would break it. After he didn't and was deemed unsuccessful for the night, he took his frustrations out by cracking Chris Masters in the back with a chair. Instead of a counter attack, Chris Masters talked to Shane. Asking him why after knowing each other for four years he would take his frustrations out on him like that. The two ended up talking out their differences until the Titan Outlaws (Bo Nekoda and Bull Hightower) ended up coming out and challenging Masters claiming that there needed to be some real men to try and break the challenge. After a few rounds of verbal sparring PPW General Manager Freddy Ackers set up our Main Event as Chris Masters and Drew Adams against the Titan Outlaws. A match that Adams and Masters would win later on that night. Elsewhere, PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams successfully defended his championship against #1 Contender Teddy Hart in a great match. Hart just won the #1 contendership last week in Hazleton with a victory over Breaux Keller and Charles Mason. However it was Clutch Adams who would score the victory by disqualification after referee Jeff Carden called for the bell when Clutch Adams refused to honor his five count. The move turned out to be a calculated one however as Clutch jumped up after hearing the bell declaring “but I'm still the champion”(and he wasn't wrong). On top of that a great match between Facade and the returning Golden Ticket holder Desean Pratt. Pratt was greeted back by PPW stars in the back but ignored most of them as he walked to the dressing room. Pratt's change of attitude didn't change back with injury – if anything it made him more bitter. PPW also had two impressive debuts by Jason Gory and Nolo Kitano respectively. Both came in with their fair share of acclaim, and both backed it up very well in Honesdale. Full Results: Singles Match

Nolo Kitano defeated Mantequilla Non-Title Triple Threat Match

Antonio Rivera defeated Johnny Moran and Issac Ruhl

Singles Match

Rembrant defeated Foxx Vinyer when Cosmic interfered in the match to help Rembrant win.

PPW Heavyweight Championship Match

(c) Clutch Adams defeated Teddy Hart by Disqualification Singles Match

Facade w./ Dani Mo defeated Desean Pratt PPW Tag Team Championship Match

(c) Mane Event defeated the Sambo Show Singles Match

Charles Mason defeated Gory Tag Team Match

Drew Adams and Chris Masters defeated the Titan Outlaws (Bull Hightower and Bo Nekoda)


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