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PPW High Voltage is Brand New This Sunday!!

By Scott Fineout,

Two weeks ago Tom Mitchell got the scoop of a secret meeting between Drew Adams and Johnny Moran. The meeting was to discuss Moran getting paid $500 to “take out” Drew Adams former-friend-turned-rival Antonio Rivera. The deal was for Moran to attack Antonio Rivera even after he was assumed to defeat his opponent. Unfortunately for both (and fortunately for Rivera), Moran was upset in a non-title match between Antonio Rivera. Since then, Moran has had every excuse in the book as to why he lost. Adams had already paid $500 up-front for Moran to do the job, and Moran didn't deliver on it. There is no telling where that money will go now, or how Adams plans on making Moran earn it (if he can), or if that money is long gone.

Now, this week Adams is asking for more trouble by accepting the Masterlock Challenge, a challenge put forth by Chris Masters to escape the masterlock. In his time in WWE, it took nearly two years for Bobby Lashley to be the first to succeed.

Enter Drew Adams.

The small-framed rich kid from Honesdale, Pennsylvania took advantage of a chance to make a moment for himself – the only problem is it might not be the right one. Adams has a ton of heart, but with the obvious mis-match coming into this match, we have to wonder if the hover-boarding rookie from Honesdale is up to something much different than winning the match. We'll have to wait and see.

Elsewhere, Nolo Kitano has been a much talked about addition to the PPW roster. Kitano's reputation of being a diverse high-flyer with a martial arts base has excited people backstage at PPW. Kitano takes on Mantequilla in a match that pits the Lucha Superhero against a man he knows well from House of Glory, “The Ghetto Superstar” Nolo Kitano.

All of this goes down this week on a brand-new PPW High Voltage. WYLN in Hazleton, DETV in Wilmington, Delaware and Reewind Network in Scranton, PA. Also available online at PPW Facebook page or PPW Youtube page Sundays at 8pm.


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