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PPW HV Recap: After Calling For Bell, Mantequilla Beats Sebastian Cage

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

The first match on this week’s edition of PPW High Voltage was a singles match between Mantequilla and Sebastian Cage. Mantequilla came out to the ring with a different look for the Hazleton crowd and PPW nation, as the commentary team was quick to point out his new mask.

As the match got underway, both men shook hands before Mantequilla went for a very quick crucifix pin, but Cage was able to kick out. Both men were trying to gain the advantage early on in this one, but neither man was able to gain a distinct edge.

Mantequilla gained this advantage after a shoulder tackle, but it was short-lived before Cage hit a hurricanrana to force Mantequilla out of the ring. This allowed for Cage to hit an impressive Tope Suicida on Mantequilla outside of the ring before rolling him back in for a two-count. Several more two-counts followed in this one as both men were desperate to pick up a quick victory, but neither man was able to do so. Clotheslines, body slams, elbows and more were not enough to keep either man down to the mat for a three count.

Cage eventually found his edge after hitting Mantequilla with a springboard clothesline and a back elbow to keep Mantequilla down. Mantequilla tried to fight back, but Cage was able to hit him with a big spinning heel kick for a near fall. Cage thought he had the victory in his back pocket, going for a springboard cutter, but Mantequilla had other plans, reversing it into a big Mexican destroyer for a near fall.

Mantequilla had the advantage after the Mexican destroyer, but Cage took it right back with that springboard cutter, but once again Mantequilla kicked out at two. Paul Bo wondered “what’s it gonna take to put Manny away? We’ve seen the guy; he has a huge heart.”

After the springboard cutter, both men exchanged strikes and Mantequilla hit a stunner on Cage before a big Cage superkick gave the momentum back to Cage. A suplex attempt from Cage turned into another Mantequilla stunner to give “The Lucha Hero” the one up on Cage.

Mantequilla hit a reverse hurricanrana on Cage, and this forced the referee to stop the match and call for the bell. The victory was awarded to Mantequilla as we were told on commentary this was due to a technical knockout. KC Navarro came out to check on his friend Cage as well as a few referees.

With a victory over “The Lit Superstar”, we will see if Mantequilla can continue his momentum moving forward.

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