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PPW HV Recap: Brutal Street Fight Sets Up Golden Opportunity

By: Mitchell Frantz

On PPW High Voltage Episode 105, the main event featured a brutal street fight between Sent 2 Slaughter and South Philly’s Finest for the PPW Tag Team Championships. As a video package at the beginning of the show highlighted, Sent 2 Slaughter was currently in the midst of becoming the most dominant team in PPW history, while South Philly’s Finest was already the most decorated duo to ever lace up a pair of boots in the Holy Family Academy.

The tone of the contest was set early, with Luca Brazzi launching himself through the middle rope to take out Danny Maff while Jimmy Konway flung himself over the top rope to take out Shawn Donavan.

It was Donavan who first introduced a weapon to the street fight, as the crazy-eyed competitor smacked Konway in the back with a kendo stick. “The Gent’s” eyes immediately lit up in pain afterwards, and the battle of attrition was on.

SPF eventually took control thanks to the usage of kendo sticks and steel chairs in their favor. The duo got to let out some built up anger towards the PPW Tag Team Champions, as Sent 2 Slaughter had been bullying SPF for months leading up to the street fight.

The action continued to be violent, as Paul Bo perfectly described, “This is like a car wreck, you can’t turn away.”

In the end, a spike piledriver to Luca Brazzi was enough to put the 6-time PPW Tag Team Champions away for the three count.

Sent 2 Slaughter wasn’t done there, as the pair continued to try and take down SPF. This caused The Sambo Show and eventually the Punk Rock All Stars to come out from behind the curtain and take out Maff and Donavan.

Earlier in the night The Sambo Show came into the locker room to formulate a backup plan in case SPF did not win against the dominant pairing of Maff and Donavan. Syler Andrews told the rest of the division, “There are two things that we have that Sent 2 Slaughter doesn’t have: respect and love. Love for this tag team division. They don’t deserve this.”

The Mane Event, the holders of the PPW Golden Ticket briefcase which guarantees them a championship match anywhere and at anytime they choose, were on the same page as the other men. While Sent 2 Slaughter was getting their comeuppance from the rest of the division, Midas Black and Jay Lyon sprinted to the ring to cash-in their briefcase.

With Maff being held off by the other teams at ringside, the leaders of the Circus Warriors were able to pin Shawn Donavan and win their first ever PPW Tag Team Championships.

“Freddy Ackers is looking for a deathwish here tonight,” said Phil Bravado as the PPW General Manager mocked S2S looking for competition.

Maff and Donavan were irate, but not as irate as SPF backstage when they found out that the fellow tag teams had a backup plan in case they couldn’t get the job done.

It’ll be interesting to see going forward if SPF will continue to resent the rest of the locker room, or if the most decorated team in PPW history will come around and understand why the other teams had to make sure the gold left Sent 2 Slaughter’s hands.


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