PPWHV: Rembrandt Successful in PPW Debut

By Scott Fineout

Leroy Green had a hard time putting down his Nintendo Switch

Rembrandt and Cosmic walked into The Holy Family Gymnasium for the first time as PPW competitors. The air about them a bit different than many of the people there that night, and an arrogance of walking in like they owned the place. Indeed, for the artist known as Rembrandt he's not the loud and obnoxious type that will scream from the hills to tell you of his talent. Instead, his self-confidence and quiet demenaor speak of someone who's incredibly into his own vibe and doesn't necessarily care for anyone of lower standing.

For Rembrandt and Cosmic they were extremely low-key and mellow in an interview with PPW High Voltage commentator Tom Mitchell. Mitchell caught up with the two as Rembrandt was relaxing before his match – seemingly not too bothered by the fact that in mere minutes he'd be making his PPW debut. He described Cosmic and himself as “art.” His manager Cosmic was one of few words, but her silence makes her all the more mysterious as she follows around this man who doesn't seem to think anyone is good enough for him.

Someone else who couldn't be bothered by his match coming up was Leroy Green – but the comparisons ended there in terms of personality. Green was too busy playing a game to notice that his name had been put up on the wall as a match for the evening's show. Tom Mitchell literally broke the news to him on-air as he was playing a video game.

The two met a few minutes later in the middle of the ring. Cosmic would prove to not be as quiet in the match as she interfered early on in the contest by grabbing and stealing Leroy's Nintendo Switch. This distracted the gamer long enough for her man Rembrandt to take control of the match. A mirrored cross-

body from both competitors at the same time would allow Leroy to gain the advantage from getting up from the collision f