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Punk Rock All Stars are Confirmed for Rumble

By: Mitchell Frantz

The second team to officially be announced for the Tag Team Rumble for the vacant PPW Tag Team Championships are the Punk Rock All Stars.

Drake Carter and Shaun Cannon are two of the longest tenured men on the PPW roster, competing in Hazleton since 2015. 2018 was their most successful year, as the pair were the PPW Tag Team Champions from March until November of that year. The reign is the second longest Tag Team Championship reign in company history, only behind South Philly’s Finest and their 10 month reign from 2016 to 2017.

The wild haired duo of Cannon and Carter, as well as their manager Delilah, would love to get back the PPW Tag Team Championships, which have eluded them since they lost the gold to SPF in November.

Will the unique duo of Carter and Cannon be able to leave June 22nd as 2-time tag team champions? To get your tickets to find out, head on over to!


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