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Quarantine Chronicles: Desean Pratt

By: Tom Mitchell

The PPW Chronicles is a series where me, PPW Backstage Announcer Tom Mitchell, interview various members of the PPW roster about what they have been up to since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The first guest is none other than "Mr. Golden Ticket" Desean Pratt.

The Camden, New Jersey native has made a massive impact on the PPW roster since his arrival in 2018. Pratt has consistently been in PPW Heavyweight Championship contention, and can battle for the championship at anytime since he holds the Golcden Ticket briefcase. Here is the full interview:

TM: The first question I had was how have you transitioned to life in quarantine?

DP: First, I accepted that this is going to be the reality of my way of living for a while. I stopped wondering whether wrestling was going to make a comeback or not and I stopped caring about things like "having" a summer. And realized that I have 90 to possibly 120 days of uninterrupted to get into the best shape of my career and really get ready to kill it when quarantine lifts. Suffice to say quarantine life has done me greatly.

TM: How have you been able to lift in quarantine? Do you have a gym set up in your house or are you doing mainly bodyweight exercises?

DP: Working at a privately owned gym has been my saving grace. I literally have the key to the fitness kingdom.

TM: I can only imagine so. Have you been able to stay in ring shape during this time as well or have you been focusing mainly on bulking up?

DP: Cutting weight and cardio.. My favorite cardio workouts are TABATA style workouts. That include 4 to 5 rounds of cardio workouts with a time limit of 30-45 seconds of hard intense work with a 15-20 second rest. Those are my favorites.

TM: That sounds pretty intense. When you're not working out, how have you been passing the time?

DP: Match studying and keeping with my promos. I've been getting back into watching Dragongate Pro Wrestling as that's my goal promotion to work for. And I've been watching 90's All and New Japan it's been getting me amped and ready to throw hands! Also, for at least for 30 minutes per day I've been working on promos. Working on speaking with passion and vigor, making the audience feel what I'm saying and its paying dividends.

TM: Dragongate is interesting for sure. What sparked your interest in them as your goal company to work for?

DP: Well the interest sparked when our maestro Lucha Libre Legend Skydae came down as a guest trainer for Chikara. He was one of the trainers back in the Toryumon days and a lot of Chikara influence came from those days. So with the training I recieved and whom I received it from, it was a no brainers that Dragongate would be a great goal.

TM: I can see why that would be a goal for you for certain. What do you miss most about wrestling in general since this all began?

DP: The competition.. The constant search for the next one better. The drive to beat them and show them and the world that you're that much better than them. Period..

TM: Speaking of which, PPW's first show back when quaritine is lifted will be Super Show 3 in which you will be in a Fatal 4 Way ladder match for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. Are you feeling ready for it?

DP: I'm definitely ready for the match. Becoming PPW Champion had been a long time coming. And let's be honest about something I HAVE THE ADVANTAGE!! I'm still Mr. Golden Opportunity!!!! I mean come on I technically don't even have to participate. I could just sit back and watch Facade, Clutch, and Keller rip each from limb from limb and pick the bones.. BUT I ain't doin' that cause I ain't a sucka... I'm gonna destroy every last one of them and take my rightful place on the throne!!!!

TM: That match will certainly be quite the attraction when PPW can get back to business!

Tom's Take

Desean Pratt has certainly used this time to his advantage. Not only has his already chiseled physique improved, but also his promo delivery as well as his general wrestling knowledge. "The Prince of Camden" has already established himself among PPW's elite. Coming out of quarantine, whether fans like it or not, Pratt will be on the fast track to the PPW Heavyweight Championship.


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