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Rivera Gets Massive Non-Title Opportunity Against Moran

By: Mitchell Frantz

Antonio Rivera has quickly proven that what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in heart.

“The Domincan Dream” has not back down from any challenge, whether it be a numbers game employed by PPW Commissioner TJ Masters, a betrayal of tag team partner Drew Adams or a pair of giants in Lamar Hawkins and Isaak Ruhl. The New Jersey native simply keeps pushing forward and keeps getting back up every time he gets knocked down.

PPW management has taken notice to his tenacity and has rewarded him with a non-title match against PPW Television Champion Johnny Moran on October 19th at PPW Full Moon.

Moran, who is extremely protective of his gold, does not want to be upset by the young and hungry Rivera, as a win for “The Dominican Dream” likely means that a championship match will be on the horizon soon. “The Undeniable Man” will certainly pull out all the stops to avoid the upset, and has recruited Drew Adams to be in his corner for the contest.

Adams, who has trained with Rivera from the start, turned his back at him during the PPW Tag Team Rumble at Destiny and turned his back once more during a tag team match against Undeniable’s Isaak Ruhl and Lamar Hawkins. Seeing the hoverboard riding featherweight in Moran’s corner might distract “The Dominican Dream” enough for Moran to overwhelm his smaller opponent.

Will Antonio Rivera be able to pull off the massive upset? Will Johnny Moran prove why he is a champion in PPW? What effect will Drew Adams have on Rivera?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more as PPW presents Full Moon on October 19th at 7 PM at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton, PA! Also set to appear are PPW Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries, PPW Women’s Champion Christina Marie, PPW Tag Team Champions Sent 2 Slaughter, “The Spectacle” Clutch Adams, South Philly’s Finest, the Mane Event and plenty of others! Tickets are available now at Order yours today!


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