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S2S Readies for First Defense

By: Mitchell Frantz

Sent 2 Slaughter has had precisely one match in PPW and has already established themselves as the most destructive team in all of Hazleton.

The entire rumble tried to gang up on them as soon as they entered the ring through the Holy Family Academy bleachers, but to no avail. Shawn Donavan and Danny Maff tossed each and every competitor out of the ring until it was just South Philly's Finest left.

After SPF's Jimmy Konway was tossed out of the ring, it was down to the smaller member of the beloved tag team, Luca Brazzi, to go at it alone against the two intimidating behemoths.

Despite Brazzi's fiery spirit and the passionate fans of Hazleton cheering him on, "The Line" was unable to eliminate a single member of Sent 2 Slaughter, leaving both men in the ring at the end to claim the PPW Tag Team Championships.

One team that was overlooked in all of this was the Mane Event. After a surprising early elimination of Jay Lyon, Midas Black fought valiantly until he ran into the two wrecking balls known as Maff and Donavan. With a much more level playing field now, the circus will look to claim their first ever PPW Tag Team Championships in a triple threat tag team match against SPF and Sent 2 Slaughter.

Can SPF win gold once again? Can the Mane Event become champions for the first time in their PPW careers? Can anybody stop Sent 2 Slaughter?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more when PPW presents Heat Blast! Also appearing live will be Kelly Kelly and Dean Malenko, as well as all of your favorite PPW stars. Tickets are available now at!


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