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Sent 2 Slaughter Declares for the PPW Rumble

By Scott Fineout

On the eve of the PPW Tag Team Rumble tomorrow night at PPW Destiny, Sent to Slaughter has officially put their names in at the last second to become entrants in the Tag Team Rumble. You have to think the news can't sit well with Jimmy Konway and Luca Brazzi.

It was after a grueling match that saw them ultimately “win” their 6th PPW Tag Team Championship, South Philly's Finest was stripped of that honor after the technicality of the table breaking prior to a member of South Philly's Finest actually putting their opponents through the table.

South Philly, while in the ring celebrating their victory, were attacked immediately by Dan Maff and Shawn Donovan, collectively known as Sent to Slaughter. It was clear they had an agenda and a mission to follow through on. As they picked apart the exhausted Luca Brazzi and Jimmy Konway they were clearly there to send a message to South Philly's Finest and all of their fans.

Now, Maff and Donovan have officially declared for the PPW Tag Team Rumble and it's my hunch that they're not here to try and further their PPW resume. They have been here for one reason only – to take out Jimmy Konway and Luca Brazzi.

The difference this time is that the boys from South Philly will be on even playing ground and not finishing up a tough match to the PPW Tag Team Champions. This time both teams are competing in the same match but their aiming for two completely different things.

The Tag Team Rumble just got even more interesting.



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