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Super Show II: What Went Down

By: Mitchell Frantz

Super Show II is officially in the books, and us here at PPW want to take a moment to reflect on some of the top takeaways from the massive show. The show featured everything from major championships changing hands, major stars throughout the card and plenty of exciting in ring action. Let’s get right into it.

No Championship was Safe

Sean Carr has long ruled over the PPW landscape. Ever since November, when he was able to defeat Evander James to claim the then-vacated PPW Heavyweight Championship, he has torn through all challengers. After trying to use underhanded tactics and grab the ropes to defeat “The Man you can Trust” once more at Super Show II, guest General Manager Teddy Long came out to have the match restarted. When the match restarted, Evander James caught Carr with a superkick and three seconds later, the PPW Nation had a new Heavyweight Champion.

The PPW Tag Team Championships were also up for grabs in an elimination tables match. After Jimmy Konway was eliminated early, it was up to Luca Brazzi to go at it alone to lead South Philly's Finest to another championship reign, but he needed some help and some luck in order to pull out the victory. After Clutch Adams was eliminated, it was down to Johnny Moran and “The Line” to determine which team would leave Hazleton as champions. Once Luca Brazzi got Moran on a table, the table gave out, leading to Brazzi and Konway to become 6-time PPW Tag Team Champions, breaking their own previous record. The most decorated team in PPW history only furthered that sentiment at Super Show II, with their record now far and away more impressive than any other duo to come to Hazleton. The Arrogance of Excellence are sure to want a rematch sometime in the near future, however.

The final championship that changed hands was the PPW Television Championship. John Wes has received criticisms for rarely defending his championship, thanks to his manager Ryan Race wanting to protect his prized possession. After months of Jason King being a thorn in their side, King finally got another opportunity and had an ace up his sleeve. Penny Lane leaving his side last month proved to be a smokescreen, as Lane immediately realigned herself with King. In the process, she played a vital role in order to make “The Devil’s Favorite Reject” the new PPW Television Champion.

The only champion who successfully retained was Charles Mason, who overcame Mantequilla and Laszlo Arpad. “The Billionaire Playboy” did a fantastic job of picking his spots and waiting to assert himself in the end of the match just long enough to get the pinfall victory. Mason is proving to be a really calculated and dominant champion. It will interesting to see if anybody can unseat him in the coming months.

Stars Shine Bright

Disco Inferno and Melina proved that they were still highly capable performers, guiding their team of them, the Mane Event and Trajan Horn to a victory over King Leon the 6th, Foxx Vinyer, the Punk Rock All Stars and the debuting Adena Steele. The match proved to be a lot of fun, but suffering a pinfall loss is something that King Leon and company will be stewing about for sure.

Gillberg also had a successful night, picking up a victory of Undeniable’s Andy Header. The ending of the match saw Gillberg speared Ryan Race on top of Andy Header, trapping the loudmouth of Undeniable underneath of Race. Gillberg proved to be in fantastic shape and was a massive hit with all of the fans, even bringing his WWE Light Heavyweight Championship to the meet and greet before the show.

Nyla Rose also proved why she is All Elite, dominating former PPW Women’s Champion Christina Marie in a rather one sided contest. It was apparent that the former champ was not in the right state of mind at the Super Show, as the loss of her championship is really starting to get to her head. Is Christina Marie nearing the end of her career in PPW?

Additionally, Richard Holliday is one of the hottest (and most marketable) stars on the independent scene today, and proved why he is such after picking up a victory over Samuel Adams. Holliday filled in as a late addition to the match, which did not give “Mr. Good Luck” time to gameplan against his college educated opponent.

Pratt is Golden

Desean Pratt was a late addition to the triple threat match between Mike Orlando, Simon Gotch and Facade after an injury to KC Navarro forced “The Skyreaper” to have to watch the show from the sides, but it did not matter to Pratt. As guest GM Teddy Long announced at the beginning of the night, “The Prince of Camden” would join the Gotch, Orlando and Facade and the match was a Golden Ticket briefcase match. After Facade hit a jaw-dropping Canadian destroyer, Pratt threw Facade out of the ring and covered the former NXT Tag Team Champion to walk out of Hazleton as the Golden Ticket holder, which guarantees Pratt a PPW Heavyweight Championship match anywhere and at any time he wants. This is pretty much a guaranteed championship victory if “The Prince of Camden” plays his cards right, so new champ Evander James better be on high alert at all times.

What’s Next

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling will return to the Holy Family Academy in three short weeks to present Aftermath, featuring MVP, 2 Cold Scorpio, “Golden Boy” D3, JXT and all of your favorite PPW stars. Tickets to the event are available at


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