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Tag Team Rumble Becomes Undeniable

By: Mitchell Frantz

Ryan Race certainly knows how to pull some strings, as his newest Undeniable additions, Lamar Hawkins and Isaak Ruhl, have joined together to enter PPW Destiny's Tag Team Rumble for the vacant PPW Tag Team Championships.

The two men combine to weigh well over 600 pounds, making the two by far the heaviest team in the contest. The size will certainly play a factor, as it will be very difficult for opponents to try and hoist the two monsters over the top rope.

Looking at who the two men are, we start with the “Undeniable Insurance Policy” Lamar Hawkins. Hawkins is a man with a nasty mean streak (just ask Tom Mitchell), and his mere presence at ringside keeps Undeniable’s opponents in check at all times. Standing at a towering 6’6” and weighing around 325 pounds, Hawkins will certainly be a handful for opponents to try to eliminate.

Even if they manage to eliminate Hawkins, opponents will still have to deal with “The German Juggernaut” Isaak Ruhl. While Ruhl does not speak a ton of English, he makes up for it with some clubbing blows and devastating offense. He used Drew Adams as his punching bag at Aftermath when Drew tried crossing the Munich native. Ruhl weighs in at 300 pounds of solid muscle, making him another man who will be difficult to throw over the top rope.

Race’s men immediately come into this match as one of the favorites just based on their size alone. With Race in their corner, the two very well win the PPW Tag Team Championships in their debut together as a team, and Hawkins’ wrestling debut in PPW.

Will it be their Destiny on June 22nd at the Holy Family Academy to become the PPW Tag Team Champions?

To see if the two can carry Race to prominence once more, head on over to and purchase your tickets today! Bell time is at 7 PM and the meet and greets for Summer Rae, TJP, and Mercedes Martinez begins at 5 PM!


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