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Trajan Horn Returns for Tag Team Rumble

By: Mitchell Frantz

PPW fan favorite Trajan Horn will be appearing at PPW Destiny, but he will not be coming alone. "The Chubby Daddy" has recruited a partner for the PPW Tag Team Rumble, and that man is a veteran in the squared circle: Brad DeMaio. Fresh off of a win alongside Melina and Disco Inferno at Super Show II, Horn rolls into the contest with plenty of momentum and a new partner to boot.

"The Diamond City War Machine" is not just some random person off the street; DeMaio has been in the wrestling industry for nearly 20 years. The tag team specialist is a menacing 295 pounds, and is just recently returning from a 5 year hiatus from professional wrestling. A great way to get back into the swing of things is to become one half of the next PPW Tag Team Champions, which is exactly what the Diamond City native plans to do.

DeMaio in fact actually helped train Trajan, so while the two will be making their tag team debut at Destiny, there is already plenty of familiarity between them. The pair ride together to every show and have a very strong friendship, which will certainly be tested against all the other talented teams in the rumble.

Will The Celestial War Machines be able to win gold in their first match together? Will any team be able to overcome the size advantage these two men possess?

Find out these answers and plenty more as PPW presents Destiny! Tickets are available now at!


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