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Vinyer Searches for Partner and Finds a Rhyno

By: Nick Uliana

Shortly after AEW started, one of the Executive Vice Presidents mentioned going on a “hoss hunt.” PPW's 6th Anniversary show will provide fertile hunting ground.

Vinyer has searched far and wide looking for a tag team partner to take on Undeniable's Johnny Moran and Adam Chandler, and has found quite a beast of a partner. A man beast to be more exact. Rhyno and Foxx Vinyer will join forces to take on the team of Johnny Moran and Adam Chandler on Saturday, September 21st.

Both Vinyer and Moran are know commodities to the PPW Nation, while the newly minted “Alpha Dog” Adam Chandler has been searching for an identity in PPW as he navigates being a member of Ryan Race's Undeniable. The PPW WYLN Television Champion Johnny Moran is coming off a win in his hometown of Scranton. Foxx Vinyer, the reigning PPW No Limits Champion, has a bone to pick with Ryan and Race and company after his recent championship defense against Andy Header at PPW Heat Blast, and has recruited the WWE/ECW veteran to help him in his efforts.

Can Vinyer use the experience of Rhyno to his advantage and help himself and Rhyno gain a victory against the “Undeniable” delegtion of Johnny Moran and Adam Chandler? Or will the familiarity of Moran and Chandler be too much for "The War Machine" and "Firework" to handle?

Find out on Saturday, September 21st when PPW presents its 6th Anniversary Show! Appearing live alongside these four men will be former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir, former Impact Heavyweight and Ring of Honor World Champion Austin Aries, former WWE stars Enzo Amore and Big Cass and former Impact star Madison Rayne! Tickets and specials are available now at!


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