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Vinyer Wins No Limits Championship

By: Mitchell Frantz

Foxx Vinyer flew under the radar heading into the PPW No Limits Championship triple threat match at PPW Aftermath, although F2V is hard to miss. “The Kaleidoscope of Chaos” is one of the most unique members of the PPW roster, sporting wild hair and crazy face paint. With such qualities, it is hard to understand why the “Vibrant and Violent” Vinyer was not considered a credible threat in the eyes of former champion Charles Mason.

The overconfident "Billionaire Playboy" came into the contest looking to collect an easy paycheck, completely overlooking F2V and “Mr. Everything” Victor Andrews. Mason’s mind was somewhere else at Aftermath, whether it be on women or his upcoming vacation to the Bahamas. Regardless, Mason will not be flying anywhere with gold in hand, thanks to his cockiness and arrogance.

For Vinyer, he may not be the most beloved member of the roster himself, but he gives the PPW Nation something different besides “The Billionaire Playboy” as champion.

For Victor Andrews, who the PPW Nation would have loved to see leave Hazleton with gold, he must go back to the drawing board once again and ascend the ranks in the No Limits Division once more. With his friend and former No Limits Champion Majestic Noah coming back from injury hopefully soon, perhaps the two could conquer the division together, or change scenery and try climbing the Tag Team Division. Regardless, the former NXT star needs to rethink his strategy and hit a reset button.

Looking ahead, “Firework” Foxx will most likely have his first championship defense at Destiny on June 22nd. Tickets for the event are available at


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