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What to Expect: Heat Blast

By: Mitchell Frantz

PPW is elated to be presenting Heat Blast on July 20th, and has an absolutely stacked card ahead of the show. With multiple major matches on the cards for the evening, let's preview exactly what should be expected ahead of the show.

Evander James © vs. Facade for the PPW Heavyweight Championship

Evander James has turned a lot of haters into believers during his second run with the PPW Heavyweight Championship. After already knocking off names like TJP, Sean Maluta, 2 Cold Scorpio, Sean Carr, Desean Pratt and Sam Adams during his reign, there really doesn't seem to be anyone who can knock the adored champion off.

Enter Facade. Fresh off a victory over Australian star JXT (who had Summer Rae in his corner), "The Neon Ninja" will look to become a champion for the first time in his career in PPW. This contest has match of the night written all over it.

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Mercedes Martinez © vs. Christina Marie for the PPW Women's Championship

Christina Marie's loss to Mercedes Martinez has changed the redheaded powerlifter more than anyone could have ever imagined. Once a fan favorite, Marie has turned into a bitter woman looking to destroy anybody in her path back to Martinez and the Women's Championship.

On the flip side, Mercedes has yet to lose in PPW, defeating two of the most decorated women in PPW Women's Revolution in Marie and Allie Recks. Picking up a victory over an extremely hungry Marie here would simply prove why she is regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the world.

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Sent 2 Slaughter © vs. South Philly's Finest vs. The Mane Event for the PPW Tag Team Championships

Sent 2 Slaughter walked into the PPW Tag Team Rumble and absolutely destroyed everyone and everything in their path, recording the most combined eliminations in the contest en route to winning the PPW Tag Team Championships in dominant fashion.

The two teams attempting to dethrone S2S will be a pair of fan favorites in South Philly's Finest and The Mane Event. SPF has had a massive grudge against the champs ever since they were attacked by S2S following SPF's tables match at Super Show 2, while The Mane Event has earned this opportunity after a string of impressive performances. All things considered, this should be a bruising and chaotic contest.

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Jason King © vs. Johnny Moran for the PPW Television Championship

Jason King has been slowly but surely picking apart Undeniable members left and right, but has yet to take out Johnny Moran. Despite Moran taking out King in November, this will be the champion’s first crack at the Scranton native.

King’s mind may be elsewhere, however, as Charles Mason has been getting a little too friendly with the champion’s valet/girlfriend, Penny Lane. In fact, Mason has not been shy at all to voice how he feels about Penny and what he thinks of her dating Jason. Can King balance being champion and not losing his girl to “The Billionaire Playboy” at the same time?

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Foxx Vinyer © vs. Andy Header for the PPW No Limits Championship

Foxx Vinyer has been on an impressive stretch as of late, and has one over the PPW Nation in the process. At Heat Blast, he will look to try to defeat Andy Header, who will have Ryan Race in his corner.

Race is notorious for interfering in matches to give his clients the upper hand, something that F2V will need to keep an eye on throughout this bout. One distraction from Race is all Header will need to become the next PPW No Limits Champion.

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