What to Expect: Heat Blast

By: Mitchell Frantz

PPW is elated to be presenting Heat Blast on July 20th, and has an absolutely stacked card ahead of the show. With multiple major matches on the cards for the evening, let's preview exactly what should be expected ahead of the show.

Evander James © vs. Facade for the PPW Heavyweight Championship

Evander James has turned a lot of haters into believers during his second run with the PPW Heavyweight Championship. After already knocking off names like TJP, Sean Maluta, 2 Cold Scorpio, Sean Carr, Desean Pratt and Sam Adams during his reign, there really doesn't seem to be anyone who can knock the adored champion off.

Enter Facade. Fresh off a victory over Australian star JXT (who had Summer Rae in his corner), "The Neon Ninja" will look to become a champion for the first time in his career in PPW. This contest has match of the night written all over it.

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Mercedes Martinez © vs. Christina Marie for the PPW Women's Championship