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Will PPW X’s Shining Moment be the Beginning of the End?

By: B.P. Burke

PPW X was not only a celebration of ten years of top-tier wrestling action (well… kind of. The less said about March 2020-May 2021, the better) but was also the unveiling of a new era, which saw Mr. Ruda take center stage as the man in control of the action in PPW.

And Ruda’s debut in the driver’s seat was, in a word, eventful.

And in another word, surprising.

Long one of PPW’s most reviled personalities, Ruda delivered one surprise after another. The four-way tag became a top contender’s match, which lead to the the upstart Vetrano Brothers securing the biggest win of their short careers. The reigning champion’s inability to attend did not keep PPW Nation from seeing a No Limits Title match, as Ruda declared the title up for grabs and inserted Rembrandt, who made PPW history by becoming the first-ever two-time No Limits Champion.

Like any great showman, however, Ruda saved his biggest move for the grand finale. Just when it looked like The Mecca - Ruda’s former client - was going to retain the PPW Title by underhanded means yet again, Ruda brought the enraged Slatington crowd to their feet by restarting the match. Very shortly thereafter, Adrien Soriano became the brand new PPW Champion, eliciting one of the most deafening responses ever heard in PPW’s first decade.

Cameras were rolling backstage, with the hope being that Ruda would have a word with PPW’s backstage crew behind the scenes. However, The Mecca was hot on Ruda’s tail, hell-bent on exacting a measure of vengeance against the man he believed cost him his beloved championship. Mecca gave chase, and it took nearly a dozen people blocking Mecca’s way to buy Ruda enough time to escape.

Once he realized he wouldn’t catch his prey, Mecca turned his attention to the camera capturing the action. Thankfully, his response was not a physical one.

Mecca responded with a tirade that ending with him vowing to respond to Ruda turning over a new leaf in PPW by, “burning down the whole freakin’ tree.”

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow PPW on Social Media: PPW Entertainment on Facebook and Instagram and @PPWProWrestling on X/Twitter, as this Monday, September 18th, we’ll be releasing the entirety of what broke down backstage as Adrien Soriano and the rest of Primal Fear were celebrating with a jubilant PPW Nation.

And be sure to join us back at the Slatington Expo Center on Saturday, October 14th for PPW Lives! While you’re here, head over to the shop and pick up your tickets now. In addition to the Soriano era’s official start, VSK and Vinny Pacifico will be making their PPW returns!

But while there is much to celebrate, there is a dark cloud looming. With nothing left to lose, The Mecca is sure to be more dangerous than ever.


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