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Primal Fear

Adrian Soriano, Gabriel Hodder, & Matthew Omen

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All fight, no flight.

That's the motto that Gabriel Hodder, Adrien Soriano and Matthew Omen seem to say every chance they get. Its no just a saying however, it truly is a lifestyle for the trio.

They are willing to take on anyone and everyone PPW puts in front of them and never back down from a challenge.

No matter what the case is, the Ring of Honor/PPW stars have proven that they can turn fear into success. Alongside manager Delilah, the group is truly unstoppable.

All three members of the group have found said success with the company in the form of gold. Hodder (pictured left) and Omen (pictured right) have won the PPW Tag Team Championships in November 2022, while Soriano (center) has won the first ever Slatington Rumble in July 2023, the Television Championship in November 2022 and the PPW Heavyweight Championship in September 2023.


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