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Adena New Gear.jpg

Adena Steele

Scranton, PA

  • Adena Steele
  • Adena Steele

The Scranton, Pennsylvania native is known as for her beauty mixed with her ferocity. A fiery competitor with the ability to adjust to all types of opponents, Steele is certainly a major player in the PPW Women's Revolution.

With bleach blonde hair, tattoos out of her sleeves and a devastating Steele Force DDT that puts any unlucky competitor to sleep, Steele is not afraid to mix it up with anyone, male or female. Ultimately, look for Steele to try to “Steele” the show while she is in PPW.

Her long road to the PPW Women's Championship culminated in July of 2021, as "The Violent Vixen" picked up her first title with the company.

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