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Ben Ruten

Soho, Ny | 250lbs

  • Ben Ruten
  • Brandon Scott
  • Ben Ruten

Ben Ruten, the crazy hyped beast fashion designer that loves to cause distraction to his opponents in style.


"The Deranged Influencer" is a man behind a mask, not because he is hiding but because his only care is for you to adore his style in and outside of the wrestling ring. Don’t get distracted because Ben Ruten is not a monster; he is not a mysterious person. The Soho native is not someone who is distracted only on his style. At any second you can get caught in the endless style of Ruten’s dead end.

Eccentric personality aside, the masked competitor is a bright young star in PPW who has improved with every passing show. Perhaps some gold around his waste would help complete Ruten's look in the near future.

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