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Charles Mason

Currently residing in A Place you couldn't even afford to visit | 200 lbs

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Charles Mason comes from a very wealthy family and has inherited a large sum of money from it. When he is not wrestling, Mason is known for taking luxurious locations and for his various romantic flings. "The Billionaire Playboy" has become notorious for being the kind of guy who can get any woman who desires him. 


While Mason may be among the upper class as far as wealth is concerned, he is way more than just some rich man who happens to wrestle.

Mason is a highly impressive competitor who is a former PPW No Limits Champion, a championship he won in a rumble match.

"The Billionaire Playboy" has all the tools to make it big in the industry, and winning the No Limits Championship is just the start of all that. With the look and wrestling ability (as well as bank account) of a megastar, there is a very strong chance that Mason will be a major player in PPW for a long time.

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