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Dan Champion

Bethlehem, pA | 275 lbs

"Big" Dan Champion is a mountain of a human being.

Standing at 6'5" and weighing 275 pounds, the Bethlehem native goes into most matches with an undeniable height and strength advantage. Despite this, Champion is a very impressive athlete who is able to pull off moves typically only seen by smaller wrestlers.

With this seemingly unfair combination of abilities, it is no surprise that the Bethlehem native has dominated the local wrestling scene for years before stepping foot in a PPW ring.

In PPW, Big Dan has formed an alliance with Havoc. The two imposing beasts in the ring are looking to claim the PPW Tag Team Championships in the near future. If it does not work out for the pair, the 275 pounder should have no issues winning other titles in the company with his mix of speed and strength.

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