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Dani Mo

Pittsburgh, PA

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Go Dani Go Dani Go!

Dani has only started recently begun her professional wrestling career, but is being trained by one of the top competitors in PPW, Facade. In fact, her and Facade collectively are known as "The Neon Blondes," as evidenced by their hair and their brightly colored ring attire. Despite being a relative newcomer between the ropes, Dani has been around wrestling for a long while, serving as the manager to "The Neon Ninja" before becoming a competitor herself.

Dani has put the PPW Women's Division on notice from the start, mixing it up with some of the top women and men in Hazleton. Combining her understated strength with boatloads of athleticism, Dani has all the tools to be as successful as her boyfriend.

Her journey to the top of the PPW Women's Division culminated in January of 2022 when she won the PPW Women's Championship.

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