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Dark STG

The Shadow Realm | 250 lbs

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NYGA, the Slavic god of the underworld was able to separate his being into two and created mortal form of himself.

The last time this mortal was casted out of the Shadow Realm was during his massive success of mass suffering in the Middle Ages with the black plague. The Vatican and templars were eventually able to trap the deity into several different catholic soldiers acting as conduits.

Throughout the centuries, the Vatican hid this secret and knowledge through a book the entity had created to help the mortal better understand the connection and harness his power.


This was kept a secret until 1995 when the book suddenly disappeared from the Vatican's vaults. It is believed that the ancient bloodlines of the catholic conduit templars had finally crossed.

His intentions for arriving in PPW remain unclear; however, every time the lights have gone out and this haunting man has emerged, chaos has ensued. Whether he is destroying champions, rookies or anyone in between, the "Ancient Evil Deity of Affliction" has caused mayhem.

There is no telling who or what this monster will go after next.

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