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PPW Fallout

December 19, 2015 | Holy Family Academy | Hazleton, PA


Ethan Carter III and Al Snow both entered Hazleton with the intent of leaving as a champion, but neither man was successful.

Al Snow lost to Havoc in his opportunity at the PPW No Limits Championship, while EC3 lost via disqualification to "The Product" David Starr in his PPW Heavyweight Championship match.

The card also featured Ryan Race's group lose to Tommy Suede's group in 8 man tag team action and Havoc successfully retain the PPW Television Championship.

Complete results of the show can be found below.


Singles Match

Brandon Scott defeated Sean Carr

Tag Team Match

Jesse Christopher & Michael Christopher defeated Dub Boys (Dave McCall & Nate Carter)

PPW Television Championship Match

Havoc defeated Yusuke Kodama to retain the PPW Television Championship

Eight Man Tag Team Match

Team Suede (Jeff Coleman, Paul Destre, TJ Masters & Tommy Suede) defeated Team Race (Brute VanSlyke, Bull Hightower, Mark Hartt) w/Ryan Race

Triple Threat Tag Team Match to Determine the Number One Contenders to the PPW Tag Team Championships

All That Cinema (Keita Murray & Stevie Shields) defeated South Philly's Finest (Jimmy Konway & Luca Brazzi) and The Punk Rock All Stars (Drake Carter & Shaun Cannon)


Singles Match to Determine the Number One Contender to the PPW Television Championship

Kekoa (w/Sammi Pandora) defeated Mr. Grimm


PPW No Limits Championship Match

Afa Jr. defeated Al Snow to retain the PPW No Limits Championship


PPW Heavyweight Championship Match

David Starr defeated Ethan Carter III via disqualification to retain the PPW Heavyweight Championship

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