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Foxx Vinyer Full Moon.jpg

Foxx Vinyer

20 First Street MELMAC | 245 lbs

  • Foxx Vinyer
  • Foxx Vinyer

The big, bushy beard. The crazy hair. The wild war paint.

Just one look at "Firework" Foxx Vinyer and opponents are immediately terrified. Throw in his powerhouse wrestling style, and it becomes even scarier. The scariest part about it all, however, is his speed for a big man.

"The Kaleidoscope of Chaos" has the ability to keep up with the quickest guys in all of wrestling, negating that advantage for most of his competitors. Vinyer, or F2V as he is also known, is notorious for being "violent and vibrant." With his flashy colors, opponents at first might be thrown a bit off by F2V. As soon as that bell rings however, and opponents know that F2V is like an aposematism with his bright colors being a warning for opponents that something awful is about to happen to them.

F2V is a very well traveled competitor, having spent multiple years in Ring of Honor and other independent promotions throughout the country.

Coming to the ring with confetti and a look in his eyes that scream bad intentions, F2V has elevated his game to become a former PPW No Limits Champion as well as reigning PPW Television Champion.

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