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Griffin McCoy

San Francisco, CA | 228 lbs

  • Griffin McCoy
  • Griffin McCoy

Griffin McCoy is a young man who has supreme confidence and is extremely competitive, sometimes to a fault.

The "Top Guy" of PPW has an unteachable swagger about him that the PPW Nation has gravitated towards. Not to be confused with cockiness, the San Francisco native looks, talks and wrestles like a top guy, so the nickname is very fitting. The 6'2" McCoy is an accomplished amateur wrestler as well as a kickboxer, which made the transition to pro wrestler much smoother than it is for most.

McCoy is a member of Young, Dumb N Broke alongside Jordan Oliver, but the two use the friendship as more of a friendly rivalry of sorts, as both men want to climb the company ladder as quickly as possible.

With all of these factors in place, there is truly no ceiling for Griffin McCoy here in PPW as well as in professional wrestling as a whole.

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