Isaak Ruhl

Isaak Ruhl came to PPW from the Underdog's Training School and has since immediately joined Ryan Race's Undeniable. Alongside Lamar Hawkins, the two make an intimidating pair of monsters to protect Race's big mouth.

"The German Juggernaut" was introduced to the world of wrestling through power lifting, and came across the Atlantic to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

His power lifting experience certainly helps in the ring, as Ruhl is typically the stronger man in the sqared circle whenever he enters it. The alliance with Race is a great way to acclimate himself to the PPW landscape, if he wanted to come in and immediately become one of the most hated men on the entire roster.


If Ruhl figures out the language barrier and can use his size and Race's brain, then the Munich native has unlimited potential in PPW.

Williamstown, PA by way of Munich, Germany | 300 Lbs

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