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JC Storm

The Luminous City on Cloud 9

  • JC Storm
  • JC Storm

JC Storm channels earth, water, wind, and fire toward her own destructive ends. She puts the natural in natural disaster.


Storm sees the squared circle as an opportunity to display her awesome abilities. Her strikes are hard as hailstones and hit with the force of a hurricane. Her intricate submission holds surge pain through bodies like bolts of lightning.


This torrential titan is here to rain on the parade of all your favorite women in PPW. JC Storm is approaching and there are dark clouds on the horizon for her opponents.

After coming out of nowhere after the first show since the pandemic, The Return, "The Elemental" Storm has certainly weathered the PPW Women's Division. The future is as bright as the sun for the Luminous City on Cloud 9 native, and the rest of the women's division has been put on notice.

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