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Jeff Carden

Senior Official | Avoca, PA

  • TJ Masters

Whether fans love him or hate him (and oftentimes they hate him), Jeff Carden is responsible for officiating some of the biggest matches in PPW history. Whether it be Mike Orlando vs. Jack Swagger, ​Impact World Championship matches between Sami Callihan and Rhyno, Ryback vs. Orlando or countless other main events, it is almost certain that Carden has been in between some of the most epic clashes in PPW history.

While fans may not always like "Jeff the Ref" and his calls or counting, there is no denying Carden is one of the best in the business. With over 20 years of experience and a career that has spawned 4 decades, there is nobody more capable of keeping the biggest and brightest stars in PPW within the rules of a matchup.

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