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Laszlo Arpad

Budapest, Hungary | 252 lbs

  • Laszlo
  • Laszlo

Laszlo Arpad is one tough Hungarian. 

"The Hungarian Hero" gets along very well with the fans, but leaves every match he is involved in with an opponent who is writhing in pain.


One of the bigger members of the PPW roster at 6'5" and over 250 pounds of muscle, Arpad has used his height and strength to dominate his opponents in both the United States and in his native Hungary. The Budapest native has also wrestled in other European countries like France and Poland. Laszlo has won countless championships both stateside and across the sea, including being the reigning WDWA Heavyweight Champion. With his devastating Sword of Attila running lariat that he uses to end matches, as well as a gorgeous Triple Saito Suplex, it is no wonder why the big man has had so much success.

Beginning his career in 2009 in Hungary, Laszlo immigrated to the U.S. in 2013 to pursue his dream to be a professional wrestler. In 2018, he received a WWE tryout and in 2019, he appeared on RAW as one of Batista's body guards.


Do not let the big smile fool you, Laszlo is one of the most dangerous members of the PPW roster.

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