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Lucius Krow

The Perfect Weight

  • Laszlo
  • Laszlo

Lucius Krow has quick asserted himself amongst those you do not want to cross inside a PPW ring.

"The Corrector" has a certain smugness to him that makes him so unlikable to the PPW Nation. The biggest issue thus far has been that nobody is able to silence Krow.

Krow is an accomplished bodybuilder, and uses his strength to his advantage in matches, frequently overwhelming his opponents with it. Teaming him with Phil Insane, collectively known as the Trumpets of the Apocalypse, has proved wonders for both men, as they have both remained undefeated in the purple and gold ring.

Their intentions in PPW are currently unknown, but do not be surprised to see him and Phil Insane become PPW Tag Team Champions one day based on the path of destruction they have embarked on.

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