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Madd Dawg

I wish you would Dawg Pound | 220 lbs

  • Madd Dawg
  • Madd Dawg
  • Madd Dawg

Madd Dawg is a member of Joe Davis's SINS stable.

The intimidating heavyweight is known throughout independent wrestling as a hard hitting bruiser. He is also known to be willing to take on some of the best PPW has to offer, which includes mixing it up with the likes of Dark Order's Alan "V" Angels and Pres10 Vance, Afa Jr., Mike Orlando and South Philly's Finest.

SINS is currently looking to take over PPW, and Madd Dawg is playing a large part in that quest. The powerhouse is hungry for some gold around his waist, and with the detestable Joe Davis leading him combined with his aggression, Madd Dawg is on track to have a PPW championship in due time.

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